Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hiking in the city

Well, this post may not be of interest to most people who have in the past followed our adventures, because we now live were most of those people live. But, it struck me the other day as we took our first jaunt out around town since moving into the city, and since Adelina was born, that really a you can hike in the city, and you can find beauty and nature and relief from the daily grind. Yes, even Allegan can provide such releases. Of course I in my closed adult mind did not come to this conclusion alone, no like most of my more profound realizations they were taught gently to me by some of my best teachers, my children.
So, come with us for a hike in the city...

This was our first hike in the neighborhood behind my parents house.

Then the other night we took the family down town...

I hope you enjoyed our hike and a little tour of our town.