About Gleasons Go West...

Gleasons Go West originated by our desire to share our adventure of Moving, living and working on a Cattle ranch in Western Montana. And while that adventure, (though thoroughly enjoyed) was short lived. We continue on. The name has stuck. Perhaps more inspired by our pioneering lifestyle, always seeming to strike out for a new life or new adventure.
 We are 5 now. My husband Kyle is a jack of trades with a cowboy twist. We have had the pleasure of living and working in Michigan, Montana, Michigan, Georgia and Michigan once again. We may be searching for our place but our path is defined  We are looking to raise our family in a way that is honoring to the Lord. We seek a simple life, and though it is difficult at times, we value it's clarity. 
I am blessed to be a stay-at-home wife and mother. We have three Children now, when none were planned....at least by us. God foreknew what our family would look like and we feel very privileged to watch His plans unfold.
We have two boys, Colton age 5, and Alex age 2. These boys have been along for many of our adventures. They are our blessing, and we feel honored to bring them up in the admonition of our Lord. Just recently we were blessed to add a daughter to our family. Adelina is just new, but already fits our family as though she had always been. 
I cannot say where life may take us. But so long as we approach it with trust in God, prayer, wisdom, and courage. I know we cannot fail or regret. 
So, please join us as we wander and seek to live lives of story and with purpose.