Thursday, March 18, 2010

In the Beginning

Even though we have been at our new job/place for a month now I figured I had better start from the beginning.

It all started about five years ago, Kyle and I had just been married and where trying to decide how to navigate our newly joined lives. He really wanted to be a cowboy. I really wanted to settle down. I asked for five years of one house one place to call home. Hoping he would change his mind. He never did, instead the idea of life on a ranch grew on me.

We went through a lot in those five years. I know we needed it. God did a major work in both of us, bringing us closer to Him as individuals and closer together as a couple.

We bought our first home, welcomed and said goodbye to 5 dogs, some really good dogs, some well... they just needed a new home. We have bought, sold, traded, and re-sold 11 horses (well we are still trying to sell our last horse) not to mentions the training horses and projects shared with Kyle's parents. Of course now that we are out here Kyle is itching for another horse.
Anyway, Kyle has never felt suited to the life of a Midwesterner. He has always been called by the west and the old order of cowboy code. He has strong passions for vaquero style horsemanship. Something few have heard of in the Midwest and even less understand or appreciate.
Then Colton came along. With the birth of our first born, the pull west became even stronger in Kyle and the pull toward a simpler more natural life rose up in me. As every new parent realizes that this new life awarded them needs the utmost care, nurturing and safest possible environment possible. We slowly realized that the core values taught to us as children and now embraced by us as parents where going to be hard to instill in our son. Not to mention the deep seated desire to raise him in a simple and natural way, the cowboy way would be next to impossible amongst the hustle and bustle of Midwest life, even "rural" Midwest life.
Not to say we where in a bad spot. It may have even been possible. We had a nice little nest, lots of family and good friends. I'm just saying we didn't feel it fit us quite right.
However, we where making it. Me working for my parents, giving riding lessons, and doing some miscellaneous sewing jobs while staying home with Colton as much as possible. Kyle working at a dairy farm and trimming and shoeing horses.
He was working himself to the bone though, and it was not getting any easier.

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