Monday, March 22, 2010

We're Having a Good Time

O.k. my last few post have been a little heavy so, today I wanted to share some of the fun we have been having.
I think one of the most wonderful things about being out here is not having a rigid schedule. Back home, you get up at a certain time to be to work at a certain time. You leave work at a certain time. There is a scheduled time for play, for work, for rest. Allotted travel time. If you get my meaning its all about time or the lack there of.
Oh, sure here there is a schedule, we need to get up at a reasonable hour, cows need to be fed in the morning. There are lots of jobs that must be done in a day. (Colton and I need a nap) meals need to be prepared. But if there is one thing that we have time for it is taking a moment to enjoy each other and life.
We learned this the first week we were here. Kyle and Mr. H where doing chores and it was a beautiful morning. So, Colton and I decided to go out and enjoy the sunny day. We walked around exploring our new surroundings. Colton discovered that all the little snow hills were perfect for sliding down in his snow suit. Mr. H watched him for a while and decided he needed a sled. So, off to the shop (which seems to have at least one of everything you can think of) he went and came out with an old runner sled. All of a sudden work could wait, it was time to play. It was so wonderful to watch Colton sled down the drive. It was hilarious to watch Mr. H go sledding, and it touched my heart to watch Kyle and Colton play together. I don't know how long they all played but it was wonderful. I'll admit that at first it made me nervous - not the sledding, but I still have some of my Midwesterner mindset and I was worried about Kyle and Mr. H getting behind on everything they had to do that day. I was worried we might get in trouble for goofing off.
Thankfully I now realize how silly that was.

Since then it has been great to watch Kyle and Colton interact with each other daily. Even work can be enjoyed together as Kyle has the option of taking Colton with him to feed cows with the tractor or bring cows in from the pasture. Today, Colton wanted to go out with Kyle and they did some work down in the barn with some calves that need special attention. Colton is so proud of his role as "Daddy's helper."
I in turn am enjoying a bit of freedom to enjoy getting a few things done, or just a moment to relax and remember that I have another little boy growing away inside me. At any rate we are having a great time.

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