Friday, May 14, 2010

My how time flies...

Well, my last post was shortly after Alex's birth. I am still on cloud nine from the experience. But, I am increasingly aware that time is ever speeding forth. Alex is 3 weeks old now. He has grown in leaps and bounds. He is a beautiful boy, and has been very easy to get along with. Colton is loving being a big brother. He is ever showering Alex with kisses and hugs. He already is aware of many of Alex's signals, telling me when Alex needs to eat or be changed. He is always trying to interpret what his little brother may need.

So, in the past three weeks. Kyle's parents have been here. It was a wonderful visit and so nice to have help in the early day's of Alex's life. Shawn was a busy bee cooking and cleaning. I felt so spoiled. It was quite a reality check when they left. Ron enjoyed some quality time with Kyle, feeding and doing other chores with him. Of course there was lots of time spent with both Colton and Alex. Ron and Colton even built a beautiful sand box, which I'm sure will be the savior of the summer, when I cannot tag along with Colton outside. They put the sandbox in the middle of the back yard, where I can see it from any room in the house.

The parting of Ron and Shawn was a hard one. It is always hard to see familiar faces leave. Kyle and I both felt a little home-sick for a few days. But, we recovered just in time for my mom to arrive for a visit.

Having my mom here has been equally fun. We have indulged in Tamales, and tonight Artichokes are on the menu. It is also wonderful to have someone here who can love and appreciate the mountain views in the same way I do. She has also gotten to watch the birth of a calf. Witness the sadness of a calf loss (We had another one bloat- still working on finding a remedy that will work for that condition) She even went out feeding with Kyle in the Tractor this morning. Mom will be here until Tuesday. And then I'm sure we will have the same pangs of home-sickness for a few days. Not to worry we will recover and find our own family rhythm once again.

Spring activities are in full swing here. Still wondering if the weather will ever catch up. But, yesterday and today's deep blue cloudless skies make us hopeful.

Tomorrow we will be branding weather permitting. Mom and I are cooking two big pots of Cowboy stew for the branding crew (We pray that all will survive and perhaps even enjoy it).

Kyle has been very busy learning about irrigating the hay fields. I think he is enjoying it though. He is quite a sight in his wading boots. Though he still has managed to get soaking wet nearly every day.

Oh, our other excitement and entertainment has been a cow I call Houdini, she manages to escape at least once a day and ends up in the oddest places. Of course this is a real headache for Kyle and Mr. H, but I must admit I am amused each time she gets out to hear where she ended up.
So, that should catch us up for now. Hope to have stories of our first branding soon.

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