Thursday, May 24, 2012

Here we go again...

Some may have noticed my absence from this blog, some may not, but if you had read my last few posts all would have concluded we were done with our ranching adventure.

But rather than go all the way back to where I left off, I'm going to just jump right in. (If you truly must know what we've been up to in the mean time, I did log some of it here.)
 We are a month into this new adventure, which has unfolded in all the ways that make you certain that this is the path God has planned for us. And while the adjustment is still happening. I still want to document it. I intend to be very real in these posts. So, do not expect all Roses, there will indeed be a few thorns. But above all I hope that anyone reading this and any future posts might get a glimpse of what it is like to relocate cross country, and attempt to make a living as ranch hands, or whatever job God has given us.

But on to the Story:

We have moved. We left Western Michigan just over a month ago. My husband Kyle has been hired to work on a Ranch in Central Georgia. It has been quite an ordeal to pack up and move cross country again, for one we still had our little house in Michigan (Which by the grace of God we sold just before our departure.)
And secondly, who Ranches in Georgia? Well, the Barnes do. And they are good people, who have carved their own little slice of the west in the Georgia pines and whose hearts desire is to raise good beef and exceptional Ranch Horses.
Let me give you a little tour:

This is the main Ranch.

Our little home.

They raise Black Angus cows, these are some of the replacement heifers.

One of the pastures. Though you wouldn't call it mountainous, Central Georgia is far from flat. And lets not forget the heat. This picture was taken in the evening where the temp had dropped to a cool 75 degrees. This will most definitely take some getting used to.

The view from my bedroom window.
Well, that kind of gives you the lay of the land.

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  1. I like your bedroom window view. Those Georgia pines sure are pretty...