Saturday, July 7, 2012

Farmers Market Season

I really have been meaning to write this week. I really have. But, now that I am in the 34th week of my pregnancy, I find I'm ....well, exhausted.
Most days, I feel my greatest accomplishment is a load of laundry and a walk. I've actually had to give up our long morning walks to Gold Mine Mountain (3miles round trip) and even our walks to the ranch (1 3/4 miles round trip) in favor of a much shorter and less hilly hike to the gate at the cemetery pasture (about 1 mile round trip.) The longer walks get too hot too quickly and I am pretty much reduced to a puddle the rest of the day. Not to mention I tend to get and insane amount of (far too frequent) braxton hicks contractions.
Though, even the trek to the cemetery pasture has been taken away for a week or two as the guys have been weed spraying out there. So, I guess we shall be getting some of my long neglected house work done instead. I suppose you can't play all the time.

Among other things we have just been following our normal routine. One of our more fun days is Friday, also known as town day/farmers market day. Forsyth has a darling farmers market. I have come to adore the vendors there. Its slightly different from our local Farmers market in Allegan. One of those differences being the cheerful sellers calling out what they have. Example: One might call out as you walk past; "Peaches, peaches, three dolla a basket, get your cucumbers two dolla a basket, fresh okra. Ma'am you look like you need some green tomaters?" and all of it in a beautiful southern drawl. I know its not the same in print, so feel free to use your imagination.
One of our favorites is the watermelon man. He has a beautiful assortment of watermelon with sweet fleshes ranging in pale yellow and honey sweet to deep reds with a juicy sugar flavor.  He always welcome my boys, "Hey cowboys, you look like you need some water melon." And offers up a sample out of his cooler. Of course we never turn him down. After all it is 90+ degrees out. Our final stop is at the snow cone tent, where the boys each get a snow cone for the ride home.
Yesterday at the market we happened on a new fruit. Now call me crazy but I have never seen a real live fig let alone tasted one. But there they were, small delicate green/purple fruit, looking more like an onion to me than a fruit. Therese was very excited as these are some of her favorites. We bought a quart of the ripest ones and sure enough they they are amazing, scented of flowers and sweet delicate flavor almost like honey. Colton loved them, and even Kyle said he would eat them again, Alex is on the fence about them but, I think he'll come around in time.

Other than that things have been pretty quiet. We didn't really do anything for the 4th of July. With burn and fireworks bans in effect, not much was going on anyway. We did get a surprise thunder storm and the lightning display was fantastic.
 I sure hope everyone is able to get some relief from the heat, or cold (depending on where you are.) If there is one thing I have come to realize its that in July the weather is never ideal.

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