Tuesday, October 2, 2012

In the pumpkin Patch

Few places are more glorious in this country than Michigan in the fall, and this fall is no exception. Beautiful colors are popping up more every day, it is breezy but still comfortable and sunny. Perfect for playing out doors, and for pumpkin picking.
While it may seem a bit early to visit the pumpkin patch, but since my dear cousins, one of which is visiting from Alaska, were already heading out there. we loaded up our kiddo's and made a trip to Gull Meadows to pick pumpkins. 

What a beautiful journey it was. I do believe it was the most fun I have had all year. And if my kiddos are any indication, with bellies full of fresh donuts and apple cider and from their sleepy faces on the trip home ....well, they had a good time too. 

And what of the pumpkins you ask? Well, they were put to good use and carved according to each kiddo's specifications. Colton wanted a bat, and Alex a dog.
And so, for the first time ever we have animal jack-o-lanterns on our porch. And some very fond memories in our hearts.

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