Friday, April 16, 2010

Kyle's new Pride and Joy

This is "JD" or if you ask Colton; John Deere. Kyle has finally satisfied his desire to have a horse again. I am thankful, because in all honestly, I do not enjoy studying the same three Internet advertisements as much as he does. To be realistic I just have other things on my mind right now. Probably sometime next spring I will be craving a horse again and bugging him the exact same way. Anyway, I am once again convinced that God truly cares about us and that he not only seeks to provide what we need, but cares enough about the desires of our hearts to give us a some of our wants as well.

In the past month that Kyle has been looking for a horse, we have consistently run into the same complication. Everything, and I do mean everything is quite a drive from the ranch. The search for horses has been no different. Even the closer horses seemed to be at least a good 100 miles from here. JD was the exception, though we didn't know it at the time.
Kyle had found him and another gelding that he liked on a website. The ranch they where on was in Twin Bridges. A good 100 miles away, of course. But the price was reasonable and Kyle thought if he could figure out a way to have him delivered we could work it out. Well, one morning Kyle asked me to call and buy him one of the two geldings. I grumbled about this, only because my negotiation skills are very poor, and I didn't know all the questions Kyle would have wanted asked. But, alas, I do love my husband and he had been working so hard, running (literally) to work the cows around here. So I called. The woman on the other end of the line turned out to be a dealer for these horses. One had already sold, but "JD" was still available. The second amazing provision of God was that not only was the horse still available, but he was near Deer Lodge a mere 40 miles away. To make things even better Kyle and Mr. H had already planned on going to a ranch horse competition clinic in Deer Lodge the following day.
Kyle was thrilled to say the least, he called and made final arrangements and when they left the next morning, they had trailer in tow (just in case). As it turned out the woman who owned this gelding was a friend of Mr. & Mrs. H. The negotiations where made and agreed upon and home they came.

JD is pretty cute, his only fault is he toes out slightly in the back, and his feet have never been trimmed. He has hardly been handled at all, but Kyle is making fast progress with him. He also, has not had hay or grain. Which to us Michiganders is amazing, there would be no way a horse could survive the winter and look as good as this colt does on Michigan forage. Oh and did I mention he is very cow bred? Kyle says this horse should eat, sleep, and breath cows. A very good thing for Kyle.
So a new chapter in the story of Kyle and his horses has begun. I thank God for working out all the details of this horse. I pray he will be a good partner for Kyle and that he will be satisfied.

Oh wait, Kyle just told me now all he needs is a new bosal...sigh... this too shall pass right?

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  1. This is an awesome testament of how God cares for us. He loves to watch us enjoy life!