Sunday, April 18, 2010

The new Bull

Yesterday Mr. and Mrs. H went to a bull sale and bought a new Charley (I'm sure I didn't spell that right) bull. He is pretty cute - as far as a bull can be.

Right away this morning Kyle got his first lesson in branding. Everything went well except Colton did not enjoy the ordeal. It wasn't that he feared for the bull. No, my child has quite a dose of self-preservation-instinct. He did not like that bull banging around in the chute, and was not happy until we had one more fence and gate between them. Once he had the space he needed he watched with rapt attention.
Of course, if I had not been assured that the bull would not have even a chance to escape, I would not want to be in that corral either!
This bull made quite a show bellowing and blowing, kicking and making a general fuss anyway.

But, the branding went of without a hitch, and I think Kyle is even more excited about our branding in May. This is after all his dream.

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