Saturday, April 3, 2010

This is how the week has gone...

I have been trying to find time, energy and a subject all week to post. But the reality is I am 36+ weeks pregnant, very tired, and really nothing new has been going on.

More calves have been born. Mostly uneventful births with the exception of two. One is another miracle calf that through Kyles sheer determination now is thriving.

So, I'll start there:
Earlier this week a calf was born, it seemed like a normal delivery, except that the weather was terrible, it was snowy and blowing. It was also the end of the day. Since the calf was so new Kyle just carried it into the barn. At his early morning check he noticed that it did not look like the calf was up yet. It turned out that she couldn't stand if she had wanted. She was born with contracted tendons. Kyle held her up and she would suck, Kyle assisted her nursing through the night. By the morning, Kyle was tired of holding up an almost 100lb. calf. So, Kyle came up with a brilliant idea. He rigged an old cinch, and some rope and hung the calf from the head lock rails. It worked great! Colton claimed the calf looked like an angel hanging from the rails.
The calf has since been dubbed "Angel", she is a hearty eater and is gaining strength every day. As of yesterday she no longer needs to be hung up to eat and and her tendons are stretching out. Kyle says tomorrow or the next day they should be able to remove the splints they had put on her.

Our second unusual birth happened this morning. and does not have such a happy ending. Earlier today, a cow in the calving lot went into labor, everything looked normal, she was laboring hard, but not very long. I watched with my binoculars just in case. Kyle and Mr. H both were aware of her labor being hard. The calf came just as it should, feet first, then head and body. The Mama cow stood right away and started taking care of it, but the calf was already gone. Kyle and Mr. H were right there within minutes of the birth, but there was nothing to be done. It is still a mystery as to why we lost the calf.

In other news, Colton received a hair cut this week. It was the first time in probably a year that he got through it without having a complete meltdown. It only cost 4 bribes: 1. He had to watch a movie while he was getting his hair cut, 2. I promised not to wash his hair at every bath (washing hair is our other battle), 3. a chocolate reward when we were done. 4. I had to order him a Stegosaurus (which cost $10.00, shipping not included). But, it was all worth it to have a smiling boy at the end of the procedure.

Wednesday, we participated in the Helmville Easter egg hunt. Which was great fun. It is located in the Helmville Catholic cemetery of all places. But the kids didn't mind. Mr. H I think had as much fun as Colton. The Easter egg hunt is a very well organized event. All the kids line up at the names are recorded, (I think there may have been 12-15 kids in all.) They are then informed how many eggs they can find and keep. Two group pictures are taken. One while they are in line and one on the grave of the Banker of Helmville. They then get a quick history lesson from Ms. Camile; " My grandmother told me the banker of Helmville was never married - But he had a house-keeper." All us adults try to keep a straight face, and the kids look slightly bewildered. The history lesson is followed by a quick, "Ready, set, GO!" So no real time is spent dwelling on the lesson. It is an interesting sight to see kids scamper through a cemetery. And the older kids where wonderful about helping the younger kids. The event was followed by a lovely dinner at the Copper Queen with Mr. & Mrs. H.

Yesterday, we got together to die Easter eggs. Colton had a blast. It was amazing to see the skill and coordination he has developed just since last year.

Tomorrow we are planning on going the Mr. & Mrs. H's for Easter dinner. I'm sure we will have fun. But, I will admit I am missing our own families at this holiday. But, soon we will have most everyone with us. We are in the final count down before the baby comes. I'm looking forward to not being so big, and to meeting our new little guy. I am a little nervous about the whole transition. But, I know God will see us through this transition like every other.
Well, that rounds out the week. Hopefully I will keep up better next week. Until then God Bless all we know, all we don't and all we have yet to meet.

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  1. Happy Resurection Day! Love the egg pics and the story about Angel - it seems like Kyle was surely born to work on a ranch. :)

    I'm praying for you as the days count down to Baby Alex's arrival. Love and miss you!