Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sorting Pairs

Yesterday and today is very busy on the ranch. They have begun sorting out pairs into groups to take to the summer pastures. It was pretty amazing to watch them gather them all, and even more wonderful to see my handsome hubby on a horse. He rode Rusty, who is Mr. H's other horse. Rusty is a nice old gelding with some personality. Probably my favorite horse on the place. Kyle and him were working pretty good by the end of the day. Though Kyle did say that he is not as handy as he would like. I guess all the more reason to get he colt going.

A few notes about sorting: We have to sort the pairs (mama and babies) into groups to take to I believe 3 different summer pastures. While there is a good sized chunk of land here at the ranch there is not enough to support the the close to 300 cows (Includes, cows, calves and bulls) So they gather them up, load them into trucks to haul them to pasture. Then in the fall they will drive them home horseback as there are no loading chutes out on the range.

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