Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tie Dye Day

Well, the granola in me rose up yesterday. I satisfied the urges by Tie Dying pretty much every white thing we owned. Plus a couple shirts for Mr. and Mrs. H. A pair of Kyles socks, some shirts for Colton and a whole lot of baby clothes. I never will understand the urge to put babies in white. Colton totally got into to process and dyed quite a few things himself.
To justify the desire to see clothing dyed as many colors as possible I invited some of the girls from the valley over. We had a great time. Everything turned our wonderfully.
The shirts and stuff Tressa and I Tie Dyed.

Colton and Kadin having a serious toy repair disscusion.
(While Tressa and I Tie Dye'd)

Fabric for a Ring Sling I am making

Fabric for another Ring Sling I'm making

Jamie created these beautiful onesies.

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