Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cattle Drive

Over the past few weeks the main project has been getting the summer pastures ready for the pairs. The ranch does not have quite enough ground to keep them all here. So, some are hauled to the Manley Ranch about 8 miles away to a pasture that is leased. Some are hauled to Trapper Mountain, where there is some State Lease ground. And the rest are driven horseback across the road to the Sieara Ogden Mountain pastures. While the other two locations are too far to drive them and they are hauled via trailer. the Sieara Ogden Mountain pasture is right across the road And I mean the highway road, not our driveway/county road. we see these mountains right out our front window to the North.
Mr. H and Kyle couldn't have picked a nicer day to drive cattle. So with the help of Mrs. H, some neighbors Scott Davis and his son Sterling (by the way I love that name.) and even from yours truly the cows were safely driven to the mountain pasture.
And of course you are wondering what I, the mother of a 3 1/2 year old and 2 1/2 month old baby could do to help. Well, I made some signs with the slogan Mr. H requested to go on the flag trucks, and I parked our truck down at the Y in our drive so the cattle would follow the correct drive. And of course I took pictures. I know its not much but I was happy to do what I could.

Flag truck Drivers, on Left; David Cochran, and on right Skip Hayes.

Some Elk were flushed out of the meadows as the cows went down the highway.

Cows going down the highway, with some impatient drivers trying to pass.

Sterling Davis

Neighbor Scott Davis

Home at Last.

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