Thursday, September 9, 2010

Helmville Rodeo

We just got back from the Helmville rodeo. It is by far the best Rodeo I have attended yet this year. What made it so great? Well, first off it is inexpensive, second the food is good and third the entertainment is awesome.

Things start early, we got there about 9am. Before the rodeo starts they have a "round-robin" team roping competition. The Round robin part means that the headers and healers take turns roping with each other until everyone has roped with...well... everyone. It was great fun to watch, and mostly was comprised of locals, so we knew quite a few people. The rodeo started at 1pm. I think the thing that made this rodeo so great was that they combined many events from Ranch rodeo's with the traditional PRCA style rodeo. And many local cowboys and cowgirls are included.

The event run-off goes something like this. #1 Junior Steer riding - these are kids riding bucking steers. #2 Grand Entry and flag ceremony. #3 Stock Saddle Bronc Riding - They buck in regular stock saddles and can hang on anywhere. Still looks really tuff and they had some rough stock.#4 Bareback - PRCA Style, #5 Team Roping. #6 Calf Roping. #7 Saddle Bronc - PRCA Style and rules apply. #8 Break away roping. #9 Bull dogging. #10 Barrel racing - Little kids, older kids, and the cowgirls. #11 Mutton Busting - very hard to keep Colton from doing, he actually needs to be 5 years old. #12 Bull Riding. #13Wild Cow Milking.

As you can see you get a whole lot of action for your $5 entry fee.

And even better the whole community pitches in to put it on. It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to help out next year.

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