Saturday, September 18, 2010

Time for a kid update

So, the summer has flown by and winter seems already just around the corner. No one was kidding when they said summer was short here. We have already fired up the wood stove a couple times. Anyway, that's not why I'm here. I figured it has been a good while since I have posted an update on how our family is doing amidst the great relocation adventure.

I am proud to say that in most aspects of our lives we are thriving. Alex is growing at amazing rate, matching his brothers stats pound for pound. I love that he looks like me. His deep chocolate eyes are enough to melt my heart. He is an extremely happy boy, he loves Colton and Colton loves him.

All of the warnings of the jealousy that could crop up have not thus far. Our biggest concern is that Colton could actually love Alex to death. Alex is constantly smothered with hugs and kisses. Colton tries very hard to be helpful and entertain Alex as often as possible. Most of the time Alex eats it up, but occasionally it is even more than he can handle.

Colton of course has a few other interests besides his little brother. He has made a few friends out here, and while seeing them is far and few between he sure embraces each opportunity.

Be still my heart... My dear Colton told me the other day that he LOVES HORSES! Why is this such a big deal? Because basically from birth anything with a motor has outweighed horses. But, he is definitely showing interest now. The trick will be finding one we can afford before the attraction wears off. Thankfully our many wonderful neighbors have relatively quiet horses and will pony him around. The instructor in me wants to nurture his desire to ride and explore the wonderful world of horses and see how well he would do should we turn him loose. The mother in me however, has a very real expectation that this is not my job. So, I'm going to leave it up to his father to teach him the basics of riding, and when he either gets too big for his breeches or too good for us we'll hire a professional.

Look at me the poor kid isn't even of the lead line yet....Pray for me.

So, other things going on... We are finally getting some eggs from our chickens and we have culled the heard back to a modest 16 hens. Yesterday we got 10 eggs. Good thing we are having company next week or we would be in trouble.

Speaking of company, you heard right we are going to be swamped with it too. My parents arrive on the 25th. This is going to give us the opportunity for a mini vacation to Idaho. Mom and Dad are flying into Spokane and we are going to meet them up in Sandpoint. I can't wait to introduce my family to my old stomping grounds.

After our mini-vacation we will come home for the week. Upon my parents departure Kyle's parents will be arriving. So, yes when we get company we get it all at once. We are very excited about it all though.

However, in the back of my mind I am already coming to grips with the fact that after these visits that will likely be all until spring. I will have to figure how to get us through the holiday's by ourselves. I personally am looking forward to a low key holiday season, but I also know that we are going to be missing family like crazy during that time... We'll see how it goes I guess.

So, anyway that is all for now.

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