Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fresh off the needles- at least that's what they say

This post is not so much about life on the ranch, and yet it kind of is. By now you know we are expecting a little bundle of joy in August. And as things go, I find myself doing a bit of nesting here and there. Most notably described as this overwhelming urge to knit and sew.

Now, please understand I am very much a NOVICE knitter. In fact I can count all of my projects on one hand, dish clothes (I have made lots of these), one hat and one very simple child's sweater (which the child intended had outgrown by its completion.) these projects have spanned the course of the last, oh 5+ years. Because of this track record it may surprise you to know that I actually love knitting. Its more of a patience and attention span issue as to why I have not done more of it, or expanded my project list.

Anyway, out here without many of my past common distractions, such as ... TV, driving places, and visiting with people of the in person human variety etc... I find that I have a wee bit more time to devote attention to such projects, along with this moderately intense urge to make something for this new babe.

So, here it is my first test project, fresh off the needles:
What is it? A wool soaker (a.k.a.  A wool diaper cover)
and yes I am aware I am having a girl. 
But begone stereotypes. I just love this pale blue Merino wool. It is so soft and light. I will admit that I originally purchased it to make Alex a soaker, but it will work for the little miss too. 
In case you are wondering I found the free pattern on Ravelry

And once I did the math (read algebraic expression) to figure the gauging -- because, though I am a novice knitter, I like some adventure and want to use what I have, even if it is not the correct needle or yarn size-- it really was a pretty simple pattern to follow. I will say, that I might try to make another in the next larger size, and maybe adjust for a slightly higher rise.

At the moment however, I have my eye on another project, and I think I just might have enough yarn to pull it off too...I'll let you know how it turns out.  

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