Saturday, June 9, 2012

This week...

It has been a relativity quiet week. I wish I could think of something exciting to write about, but, then again maybe I am a little glad for the more peaceful days.

Some things that we have done:
Enjoyed lots of play time,
We made a new friend, and deeply mourned that friend when he returned to his natural home. I must say that it is my honor to parent a boy with such a kind heart, and who already at age 5 is learning to look beyond his needs and to the interest of others (even a box turtle). 

We watched dad mow the pasture behind our house.  It's a very different method of grass management here. We will put up no hay. And they are working on brush hogging (or "Slashing" if you are from Australia) to knock down the cool weather grasses and allow the warm season grasses more rain & sunlight.

 Of course there was laundry to be done. I'm sure that I am not the only person who feels like this chore never ends.

 We also spent some time this morning helping dad and Mr. Wayne do some work.

 And then we welcomed 40 new ladies (cows) to the ranch

This has been some of our week. We hope you have a had a wonderful one as well.  

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