Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What's been going on...

Haven't really had too much to say lately. I'm pretty sure we have settled into a very predictable routine. Kyle has been working his (now typical) long days. Mostly he is on a tractor, done plowing for the moment, onto rolling and seeding most of last week, then more brush hogging and spraying. Unfortunately there is no rain in the forecast for the foreseeable future, so hopefully the new seed won't bake (it is supposed to handle this heat.)
Our weekend was very intense but good. The boss had company. So, they spent a lot of time riding and roping in addition to regular duties. It was nice that it was only in the high eighties.
Sorry no pics of the fun, the boys and I were busy in the house helping prepare lunches and dinner. It was wonderful to visit with the couple that came, a fresh face is always welcome around here as going out and meeting new people is proving more difficult than thought.
When we were not helping up at the main house, the boys and I did take a moment to cool off. We splashed, and I admired my automatic lawn mowers. (there is no reason to mow when A: you have 21 young heifers on hand, and B: grass is getting so scarce, one need not waste it on manicuring a lawn when said heifers could be eating it.)

Monday morning everyone was back at it Cows needed to be moved to a new pasture, and we happened to  stumble on Kyle, Wayne and guest Abbey doing the work on our morning walk.

The cows were very curious about us visiting.

Tuesday, we went for our normal walk, of course we saw a snake, though this time it was a large but harmless Black Rat Snake. Colton was thrilled.

We also stopped at the drinker and checked the progress of the tadpoles. Colton was very excited when Ms. Therace found one very near to completing its transformation into a frog.

At home Therace and I spent the better part of the afternoon canning tomatoes. 1/2 bushel done, gave us 22 pints. I still need to do another 1/2 bushel of tomatoes and if I can find Romas, I will do a 1/2 bushel of tomato sauce. Apparently the good peaches are ready, (which I cannot even imagine, as the ones we have been eating are so heavenly.) So, hopefully I will get some of those put up as well.
What a good feeling to think I will get the bulk of the hard preserving done before baby arrives. I am also ever grateful for Therace's willingness to help. Many hand really do make for light work.

Well, I think that catches us up. I hope everyone is able to stay cool as the mercury rises, not only here, but from the sounds of things most everywhere we have been or where loved ones are.  Summer is truly upon us.

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