Tuesday, July 17, 2012

That's Life

Everyone knows sometimes things just don't go the way you plan it...ever. But, that's life.
The question I keep facing is, why? I've talked about this before. And yet here I sit again wondering, WHY?
Why did we come here? Why has this move been so hard? Why are we already leaving? Why can't we just settle into something and be content? The list goes on, but you get the idea.

Asking "why" seems to be a common theme in my life. I by nature am an analyzer, and by that I mean I truly want to understand where I've been, where I am, so I can wisely go where God wants me to go. I still don't know if I can totally grasp the enormity of this continuous life lesson. But, I decided (more for me than anything) I want to take a moment and jot down what I have learned thus far... This time.

#1 Why? Because we choose the path we take. This probably a given understanding for most people, but it is a relativity new concept I am coming to grips with. The fact of the matter is whether you follow Christ or not, we all have been given free will. And part of that free will (be it a blessing or a curse) is that we always have a choice. Now bear with me (and feel free to correct me) but, as I walk out my faith, and my life I have come to a rather startling realization. When I come to a fork in the road of life, sometimes the left fork is the right path, and then again the path to the right is o.k. too. **Now, please note I am talking about strictly literal life choices. Not choices that affect  my spiritual path. For me, that path is found only in Christ and laid out clearly and carefully in scripture.**

What I mean is, look at our situation. We faced a choice before coming down here. Do we take a regular job in Michigan that will provide for our needs? Or, do we try Ranching again and take a job that will provide for our needs?  Of course there was a bit more to it than than that, a whole host of pro's and con's was made and prayed over. We relied heavily on Gods guidance in the matter, but ultimately it was still our decision, one which I believe God blessed. But, I don't know if I think anymore that he would of not blessed us if we had chosen to stay in Michigan. Because, we did have options there too.
So, what I'm getting at (and this is where my theology gets iffy) What if God, who loves us so much, and we have the privilege of being his children, really isn't all that concerned about where we live or what we choose to do for a career, so long as we are still walking and growing in faith and love and light?

I mean, if you consider your relationship with your children, I know at least in my case that I don't care what my kids want to be when they grow up. Colton can be a paleontologist, bull rider, farmer, cowboy, janitor/super hero (yes that is his real list at the moment.) No, my greatest concern and hope is that he love God and that his life shines the light of Jesus' love wherever he goes.

So, in the grand scheme of things, and in answer to the many "why's", yes, I believe our decision to move to Georgia was within Gods will and was blessed by him. But, I also believe our choice to move back to Michigan (and so soon) is also within Gods will and blessing not because God really wants us to be gypsies, but because he loves us and wants to work in our lives and can do that no matter where we choose to live.

Which brings me to #2: No matter what choice we make or circumstance we face in life God can use it.
Romans 8:28
And we know that in all things God works for the good 
of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Even if it is our choice (by virtue of free will) God can and will use it, be it to teach us more about his nature or spiritual plan for our life or perhaps to touch the life of another.

There was more, but I forget at the moment, So, I'll just chew on this for a while.
Thanks for listening, and if anyone has any insights I would love to discuss them.
God bless and good night.

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