Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Birth Plan

Gleason Family Birth Plan 

Dear Borgess Midwives, Physicians and staff,

About Us:
My name is Rita Marie Gleason , I am pregnant with our third child. Our family, who includes my husband Kyle Gleason and our sons Colton (age 5) and Alex (age 2) are very excited about this birth, especially since if follows the sorrow of a miscarriage last year. This birth also marks the joy of welcoming our first daughter to our family.

Goals and Concerns: 
We believe Birth is a normal natural life event. We want to work with the staff at Borgess to achieve the best outcome for the health and benefit of our child. We are flexible, however my greatest concern and fear is to have any ²routine² interventions that will lead down the path of a totally unnecessary and medically driven birth experience. In the past I have delivered two very healthy babies naturally without pain medication. Both of these births were natural vaginal deliveries. My oldest child was born weighing 9lbs 3 oz. and our second child was born weighing 7lbs 12 oz.

Plan for a Normal Birth

First Stage of Labor:

  • During early labor I would love for my family and children to be as involved as they wish, however, once I progress to active labor I would prefer to only have the my husband Kyle who is my primary support person and my Mother Connie Grigsby present for the duration of my labor and delivery.
  • During labor I would like the option to change positions, stand and/or walk around, If available I would like access to aids such as a birth ball, and tub.
  • Please, please, I would really like to keep the number of vaginal exams to a minimum, perhaps at my request or only if needed for a clinical decision.  
  • Monitoring: I realize there may be standard protocol regarding fetal monitoring, I would prefer intermittent monitoring with a dopler or intermittent external fetal monitoring
  • I would like the option to eat and drink. If eating is not permitted, I would at least like to have access to water, ice chips, or juice.
  • If possible I would like to AVOID any IV fluids. I will allow two attempts at a Saline/heparin lock (for emergency purposes.)

Second Stage of Labor:

  • I would really like to have the freedom to choose positions for labor and pushing, however, I am open to suggestions from my caregiver and staff. I prefer gravity-enhancing positions.
  • During expulsion, I would like the opportunity to allow my body to spontaneously bear down and push the baby out. (this method as worked for me in the past.)
  • I may or may not wish to be covered during delivery. Please ask me before draping anything around or over my body. 
  • During pushing and if available I would like access to a choice of birthing stool, squatting bar, floor or bed.
  • I do not want an episiotomy. 
  • I would like my caregiver to take measures to maintain an intact perineum, such as use of a warm compress or other measures that may be helpful.

Third Stage of Labor and first hours after birth:

  • I would like my baby placed on my chest immediately for skin to skin contact and bonding. I would like her to remain there for observation and Apgar scoring. 
  • I would like to wait until the cord stops pulsating before clamping or cutting.
  • I would like the opportunity to cut the cord.
  • --continued on other side
  • I would like to AVOID routine medication to contract the uterus unless absolutely necessary. (I have not had issues with bleeding in the past and did not receive any medication following my second child’s delivery.) I would prefer to use breast feeding and/or fundal massage instead.  
  • I would like no visitors until I give consent and then if possible I would like my children to be present first.
  • I plan to breastfeed. And therefore would like to avoid any formula or other supplementation be given to my baby
  • I would like my baby to room in with me.
  • I am o.k. with my baby receiving a vitamin K injection and antibiotic ointment on the eyes if needed. I DO NOT wish to have my child receive any other vaccinations on her day of birth unless medically necessary.

Unexpected Labor Events:   
My only request regarding unexpected labor events is that my husband Kyle Gleason and I be informed of all risk/benefits and be party to any decisions being made for the health and benefit of our child.

Thank you for taking a moment to consider our plan for a normal vaginal delivery.

Rita Gleason and family.

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