Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pregnancy Update

Well, I've made it to 38 weeks and well... let just say I'm ready. Except, I'm not really ready. We have so much I would like to see accomplished before baby girl arrives. *sigh* But, all in good time.
Some of those things you would think include preparing a nursery, or even just a house to live in. But, really  I have come to terms (mostly) that this is not my reality. And it's o.k.
So, what do I still want to see accomplished? Well, there is the mountain of laundry that needs tackling, and a bag packed for the hospital etc... the normal stuff.
I did finally write and turn in my birth plan to our midwife. So, that feels pretty good. Surprisingly this is the first one I have ever really written. It was kind of fun.  With Colton I did one of those sample-check-the box birth plans (it was like 7 pages long) my Doctor promptly dismissed it. With Alex, my midwife and I just talked things over, and we kind of went from there.
This time its all on paper, signed by my midwife and sent to Labor and Delivery so it will be right in my file for the staff. I'm curious what sort of impact (if any) it will have on my birthing experience. I did try to keep it short and include only the most important preferences.
Now if only I can get that bag packed :o)

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